A More Conservative Build of ReactJS

Unopinionated, Unbiased software
Because not everything has to be political, Reac's team focuses solely on software.
Less time on biased CoCs, more time on remembering the good old days.

Hooks-free build
ReacJS is based on a pre-hooks React build. You won't have to change
your coding habits because someone decided so in San Francisco.

Learn once, use nowhere
Tired of having to re-learn frameworks every other day? Perfect.
Reac does not follow any agenda and therefore is not ready for change.

Getting started

To start using Reac, import its development build inside any HTML file and call

on your root DOM element. Source code contains everything
you need to start developing slow Javascript applications.

  <div id="root"></div>
  <script type="text/babel">
      <h1>Hello Reac world</h1>,
Download source code 👌

Why Reac?

In French, a reac is someone who expresses conservative ideas. Reacs are generally opposed to any progress and think we can move the history forward by actually going back.

Due to recent Twitter events, we realised that these people also deserved their safe space and decided to build Reac right away. We downloaded React's source code and replaced each occurence of React with Reac.

Cause who reads CoCs but c*cks?


Is it a joke? Yes, it is. Please don't fire me.

Here's the Backstory/ReactGate if you missed it.

Of course, feel free to call me out on Twitter!